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27" 10-Blade PROFESSIONAL Mower with Industrial Series Honda Engine and Factory-Installed Front Reel Roller
27" 10-Blade PROFESSIONAL Mower with Industrial Series Honda Engine and Factory-Installed Front Reel Roller
Item#: C27-H-10-RR
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Product Description

Model #C27-H-10-RR is equipped with a 10-blade reel and a 5.0-hp Honda GX-Series Industrial Engine.

Honda GX-Series Industrial Engines are considered to be the best small engines available. Features include a cast-iron cylinder sleeve, ball-bearing supported crankshaft, dual- stage air filtration system, quieter exhaust, larger fuel tank, and low oil alert protection.


The RR, or Front Roller model features a factory installed 20" front roller instead of caster wheels. The roller gives your property that much desired striping effect and helps to prevent scalping.

Welcome to, the very best place to buy the very best reel mower!

If a much healthier "golf course" type lawn is what you desire, a Tru-Cut Reel Mower is the very best solution.

Ordinary "rotary" mowers cut by impact, no matter how sharp the blade, tearing each blade of grass, creating a shredded mess of your turf.

Torn and split blade tips often develop into brown spots, invite decay and pest intrusion, and create many other problems which are commonly misdiagnosed.

Reel Mowers lift and cut each blade of grass like a scissors, providing a much healthier lawn.

This is the reason every golf course and athletic field is cut using a reel mower.

Tru-Cut is the #1 selling professional Reel Mower, not to be confused with or compared to the brands you might see being sold in a department store or home center.

Best known by professional lawn maintenance contractors, Tru-Cut Reel Mowers are built to withstand the rigors of everyday commercial use, even in the most demanding applications.


The Tru-Cut drive system is 100% independent of the cutting reel, allowing you to transport the mower without the blade engaged. This exclusive feature greatly reduces reel wear and increases time between sharpenings.

Easy-to-learn fingertip controls provide true ease-of-operation for maximum operator comfort with minimum effort.

Precision-ground solid-steel cutting reels and bed knives provide an unmatched quality of cut from as low as 3/8" to as high as 2-1/4".

Extra-tough all steel welded frames with reinforced handles last many years longer than other brands which are simply bolted together.

Extra-wide rear drive wheels and front swivel caster wheels provide maximum traction and unmatched maneuverability on all models. All C-Series extreme-duty commercial models are equipped with Four rear drive wheels and Four front caster wheels.

A single-lever height adjuster is located at the operator's position, allowing you to adjust while mowing. There are no belts to adjust or replace.

Each mower is constructed with an all ball-bearing design to outperform and outlast other mowers which are assembled with only bushings for a lower initial cost.

In summary, Tru-Cut mowers maneuver easier, cut smoother, require less maintenance and last longer than any other brand of reel mower.

We are a factory authorized wholesaler for Tru-Cut products, and stock all models in our warehouse distribution center to quickly expedite your order.

We supply dealers, golf courses, and professional lawn maintenance companies, as well as serious property owners in search of the best possible quality of cut.

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