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Backlapping Kit

What is the purpose of the TRU-CUT Backlapping Kit?

The backlapping kit is used to increase the time intervals between sharpening the main cutting reel.

The "scissors cut" provided by the TRU-CUT Reel Mower is achieved when the grass is sliced between the spinning cutting reel and the stationary bedknife located on the bottom of the mower. We suggest you adjust and/or sharpen the mower only when there is a noticeable decrease in the quality of cut.

The procedure is as follows:

1. Adjust the cutting reel to the bedknife using the instructions shown in the operators manual. This can be done several times before the next step, which is to sharpen the stationary bedknife.

2. The bedknife is sharpened by removing the screws and using a grinder and the same method used to sharpen a standard lawnmower blade. This can best be done by the local lawnmower shop.

3. Using the TRU-CUT #60105 Backlapping Kit, the Honda engine on the mower is used to spin the cutting reel backwards against the newly sharpened bedknife to match the two surfaces to provide the maximum slicing effect. The backlapping kit includes an chain, sprocket, idler arm, lapping compound, application brush, and instructions.

4. Many residential users are able to go 4-6 cutting seasons or longer before having the cutting reel sharpened, which is usually done at a local lawnmower shop or we can refer you to a dealer you can ship your reel to by UPS.